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How has Cable Internet Gotten Faster Over The Years

Cable modems

When I first had the internet I remember waiting almost literally five minutes for that thing to connect with the beep beep beep pshhhhhh sounds to let you know it was connecting. We learned later that noise literally meant nothing, but anyone who had the internet in the 1990’s knew what it was.

Back then I had no idea what “56k” meant with my service, but it was the connection speed and I just laugh now thinking about how slow that is. Can you even browse the internet on that kind of connection now with how much multimedia and such on sites? I can’t imagine so.

I remember when I first got Time Warner high speed internet and it was almost life changing. That’s a bit drastic to say, but it completely changed everything about the internet for me. I think it was only something like 5-10Mbps, which is much slower than the 40Mbps that I have now with Time Warner, but it literally changed the internet experience.

You didn’t need to wait a few minutes for a simple picture to load anymore. It was a very stark difference in the overall experience of the web and just how much you could do online.

I still had to wait on videos to load, but it happened so much faster. It made the internet almost something like a quick tool more than a novelty. It was so much easier to not only check my e-mail, but now I can watch movies on the fly on things like Netflix. It takes just seconds to load the video, even in HD!

Even looking back at the first stages of cable internet, it’s funny to just imagine how much slower it is than what I have now from Time Warner cable.