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Best Sites for Watching Sports

Watching Sports on Internet TV

Are you a fan of an out of market team? Do you have a favorite player that you rarely get to watch play? If so, you should try to watch your favorite sports teams or players online. Often times, this is the most cost effective, and sometimes the only, option you may have. If you ever wondered where you can find the best streaming websites, you need to understand that you are one of thousands of people. Unlike many people before you, you are reading this article and now will be able to find the best sports watching websites by the time you finish. We have several options that we have come across that we believe you will be satisfied, so let’s dive into the available websites for you to watch sports for free!

SportLemon is one of the best places to watch sports because they offer a variety of links that will take you to an area that you can watch the sport of your choosing. Since there are so many links, it ensures that if one of the links becomes outdated you will be able to find your sports show by simply clicking on one of the many other links available. On the left-hand side of the menu you will find the time that the show will air, as well as an icon that makes it very easy to tell which sport will be playing without you having to do any additional reading. For example, soccer channels have a soccer ball on the far left, so you can easily browse through all the sports channels and find the soccer ones.

This is another fantastic sports-viewing website that is definitely worth your time to give it a try. Whether you are looking for soccer, american football, or even cricket, this site has you covered. It is very easy to use and has helpful icons to help you sort  through the different sports that are playing. You will also be able to view which teams will be playing each other right next to the icons. Have an iPad or tablet? Download the Puffin Browser to turn your tablet into your own personal sports stadium and watch all the live games without a hitch!


You must be a cable subscriber to access WatchESPN, but if you are, then you are in luck. This is definitely one of the best sporting websites out there. You can watch the live action of each game that is being played on any ESPN channel, and these will be displayed on the right-hand side in a news feed. All of the sporting events are played in HD, which offers a great viewing experience. There is a mobile version of this website so that you can watch your sports games on your cell phone if you aren’t home, just don’t get in trouble with your lady!


These are the best websites out there for watching sports, but don’t limit your choices. There are several other great websites that weren’t mentioned here. But be careful, some of these sites can introduce spyware and malware to your computer which can be very harmful! Of course, if a high speed internet connection is not something readily available to you, maybe it would be best to look into a DISH Network plan where you can get over 70 sports channels including NFL Redzone and NBA, MLB and Premier League Packages! Now get in on the Live action, you have a game to watch!