Exede Evolution: A Quick Review

Exede satellite Internet, provided by ViaSat, has released at new service plan that could be a game changer for the satellite internet industry. It’s called Exede Evolution and it’s the first of its kind to provide users with “unlimited” browsing for web pages and email.

I used quotes for unlimited because it only counts towards web pages, email, social media platforms, and very media light web pages. With the plan that priced at $65/ a month, you also receive a 5GB data allowance for streaming music, videos and transferring large files. Given a chance to check out the service for a month, we took a look.

First off, with the Evolution plan, you will receive the standard 12 Mbps/3Mbps download and upload speeds, which is plenty fast for most users. Browsing the internet was pretty snappy, with web pages loading pretty quickly and only dealing with a slight delay when opening pages that had multiple media elements to it. Speed tests found that we would actually average 13 Mbps downloads and 2 Mbps upload speeds, which is rare to actually get above what is advertised. Although those are positives, there was one big drawback. The 5 GB data cap is very rigid, although they do offer Free Zone times where it’s an all you can consume data buffet during those hours. As a person who loves to catch up on TV shows on Netflix, that cap is brutal. That said, streaming movies and videos in high definition is stellar and buffering wasn’t more than a few seconds when things got choked up.

All in all, Exede Evolution is a solid service best suited for folks who don’t have heavy uses for video streaming, but yet still like having a blazing fast internet connection.

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